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Frits Henningsen - uncompromising design

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Denmark 1889 - 1965

Known both as owner of a furniture-making workshop in Copenhagen and as designer of the workshops products, Henningsen´s work was greatly respected for its very high standards of craftsmanship. Henningsen was an active member of the Cabinetmakers Guild from 1927 on. Every piece with the Henningsen imprimatur is entirely hand-made, with expensive and exotic woods, using exclusively the labor-intensive, traditional methods he inherited from the nineteenth century. www.deconet.com

For Evergreen Antiques the classic sophisticated lines of this table combined with the superb cabinetmaking quality epitomize the work of Henningsen.

This table is made in rich mahogany with brass shoes and seems to be almost emerging from the floor. The tripod base is set in a way that makes the pedestal and legs have both substance and lightness.

So much of his work has the balance we strive to find – a piece that can hold its own in almost any interior.

We currently have two of these tables in inventory.

Hard Not To Find Writing Inspiration Here...

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A writing bureau of this quality would undoubtedly come from Copenhagen. It would have been a central piece of furniture and certainly one of the more expensive pieces in a house. We are very much taken by the understated architectural statement the piece makes. Using a desk like this in modern interior offers height in a room but also creates warmth with its rich mahogany and fruitwood inlays.

Due to its clean lines this piece could be mixed with a great variety of other periods of furniture and artwork.

Quite a pleasant place to write a letter or set up your laptop!

From the Royal Attic...

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Even Royals need to clear out the attic once in a while and in June 2014, 1200 pieces of furniture and household effects from Danish castles were auctioned north of Copenhagen. For the first time in 60 years, the Danish Royal Family put much of their lesser furniture up for sale: desks, mirrors, chairs and even beds that used to furnish a number of castles around the country, e.g. Amalienborg and Fredensborg. One of these items has now found its way into Evergreen’s inventory.  

  • Danish Architects or reading desk in mahogany with an adjustable leather reading or writing stand from Christiansborg Slot, Copenhagen, Circa 1820-30
  • Inventory stamped – C1403
  • S.E (Statens Ejendom) State property stamp with three line and Udgået (discontinued)