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A Chair So Simple

Laurence FoxComment

Over the years we have had a number of this style of chair pass through our hands. Every time we sit in one the effect is always the same. The chair, which is relatively small and unassuming, feels so much larger when you sit in it. It’s clever – the seat has the extra deep frieze, which allows it to be more padded and built up. The curve of the backrest is big enough to feel roomy but small enough to give support. The way the armrests are issued from the backrest is smooth and seamless.

So we have comfort, which should always be one of the first things you address when seeing a chair. We also have a very simple detail that makes the chair incredibly functional – the armrests are raised on supports that start half way back on the seat allowing the chair to be pulled up much closer to a desk or table without hitting the armrest.

Those armrests are raised on simple slightly tapered square supports with a little molding detail at the top. The backrest has a gentle curve and small scroll detail at the end. The front legs are functional, square and tapered whilst the back legs are elegant sabre form.

Form, function and beauty.

Thoughtfully restored mahogany frame, reupholstered in a supple leather with French nail heads.

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